About Us 

Leadership. Diversity.
Resilience Training. Consulting.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly skilled subject matter experts with atleast 10 years experience or more in leadership, diversity, resilience, behavioral health, research, and organizational development.

Our organizational impacts include: reduced absenteeism, reduced organizational conflict, high employee engagement, increased customer acquisition, increased efficiency, improved systems, and job satisfaction. We deliver the results needed to support your organizational development.

We won’t kill you with extensive powerpoint presentations. They are only one tool within our repertoire to promote change. We highly value interactive training, conversation, scenarios, and activities to solidify concepts in our trainings.

We have a refined process to uncover organizational needs prior to implementing consulting recommendations, programs, or services.

Who We Serve

LRC serves mid-size to large businesses and entrepreneurs in banking, behavioral health, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and technology industries. Our services are applicable to for-profit and non-profit agencies.

Hear About Our Success Stories

Employee training helps organizations maintain a competitive posture while improving morale, sense of security, and overall job performance.
(Jaworski et.al, 2018)